My oldest son, who is now almost 5, has been going to this school since Nov 2011 and loves it here. Every day he wakes up excited and anxious to go to school. I'm currently a stay at home mom so daycare is not necessary, however, the interaction and instruction he gets there makes it definitely worth it. He is always coming home with something new he learned or telling all about what they had done that day. The owner and staff are very friendly, and I have never had any problems. In Sept when he moves on to kindergarten I will not hesitate one bit to enroll my youngest son. I would definitely recommend Little Scholars.

-- Amanda V.

The best part about this school are the TEACHERS!! I really appreciated how they actually said hello to the parents each time we come in to get out kids.. and how they voluntarily let me know about each of my sons day.. that ment a lot to me:).... This school is the BEST. REALLY:)

-- Yakal A.

My kids love it here! The teachers are phenomenal and truly care about the kids they work with. They are so attentive and always keep the families informed about any concerns and are also quick to celebrate milestones and new learning. We are so glad we found Little Scholars!

-- Carman W.

My son has been going to Little Scholars now for over 2 years and he loves everyday. He has learned so much with the wonderful teachers and staff here. We would recommend this center to everyone. We are more than happy with Little Scholars and can't wait for our other son to attend.

-- Heather N.

I have 3 kids that go to this school ages 1,3,6 and all of them can't wait to go. They have learned so much and enjoy doing it. The staff is very helpful and keep me well informed of their progress. Also how I am able to assist in teaching my kids while I home. This school is well worth it.

-- Michael C.